How to relieve dry, itchy hands due to hand washing

Due to our frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitiser, many of us are suffering from dry, cracked and itchy hands.

By following the advice to frequently wash our hands to prevent the spread of Covid has resulted in many of us having super dry and itchy skin.

By over-washing our hands we can develop dry cracks in the skin which can allow bacteria in and cause infection. The skin is living tissue and will be affected by stress and changes in environmental conditions making it more sensitive and reactive.

Ointment, balm or thick cream will be more effective for moisturising and nourishing than a lotion. Our Rescue Balm with calendula is a calming and healing vegan balm and is especially effective applied at night for a deep treatment.

Key ingredients:

Pomegranate oil

Pomegranate oil is a superb natural anti inflammatory, to reduce inflamed skin.
Naturally rich in vitamins, Pomegranate oil is a powerful antioxidant and high in punicic acid, an anti-inflammatory which also helps the regenerate new skin cell production.


We use UK grown chickweed which is excellent for relieving itchy skin. Our organic chickweed herbs are macerated in high oleic (omega 9) sunflower oil with rosemary antioxidant.


We use calendula flowers for their wonderful healing properties. In the form of CO2 extract from organic calendula flowers, this oil is exceptional.