Ethical Beauty, handmade in the UK
Our ingredient standards

At Silvan Skincare we are passionate about using plant-based ingredients. We want these materials to be the best available, we look carefully at their origins and select the best suppliers.

Our organic ingredients, certified by the Soil Association, are trusted to be as environmentally friendly and as natural as possible. Where available, they are sourced from traditional communities and modern community projects or co-operatives.

Our organic ingredients certified by COSMOS Organic are sustainably sourced biodegradable ingredients and made with minimal recyclable packaging.

We only use raw materials which are synthetically produced where the natural equivalent would be derived from animals (e.g. vitamin A) or which cannot currently be naturally produced (e.g. preservatives).

Raw ingredients of the best quality are selected in line with our overall ethos and aims:

  • To use raw materials that are as environmentally friendly and as natural as possible.
  • To use raw materials that are fairly traded or are bought from community projects and co-operatives, which gives producers a better deal and enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.
  • To use as many natural and organic raw materials cultivated without artificial fertilisers, chemicals, and pesticides.
  • To only buy raw materials derived from tropical plants grown and harvested using sustainable means.
  • We will not use raw materials made from animal sources, e.g. slaughterhouse by-products such as gelatine, collagen, and animal-based emulsifiers and soap ingredients.
  • We do not use paraffin-based ingredients or mineral oils.
  • We do not support the testing of raw materials for cosmetics on animals. Where we are unable to source raw materials that are not tested on animals we use raw materials that are at least guaranteed not tested on animals after 1996, thereby operating a fixed cut-off date system. 

We monitor all of our raw materials through the use of batch numbers, which enable us to trace them from receipt to sale. This is important to ensure the correct information is given and in the following up of any customer queries.

It is possible to classify and identify all raw materials according to their botanical (Latin) name, plant family, part(s) used, country of origin, method of cultivation, method of extraction, and any other processes. We keep records of all this information for diligent manufacturing processes. 

We do not use perfumes that are synthetically produced. We use only pure essential oils, absolutes, natural organic aromas, and natural perfume concentrates (which are based on whole essential oils and absolutes, fractionated essential oils, and botanical CO2 extracts).