Marian Hardiman, Founder - My Silvan Skincare Story

As a trained massage therapist I was looking for a product that added something to the hands-on work I was doing. There wasn’t anything that worked for me in the way I wanted. I was looking for a long oil that soaked in quickly so that I could work deeply without sliding around. I also wanted a choice so that I could select different oils for different needs, for example inflammation, post-injury, scar work, stuck tight congested muscles, purely relaxation, etc.

I was taught by my stepmother how to make creams and the techniques and subtleties of blending plant oils. The range came from here and I subsequently discovered that the oils were a wonderful alternative to body lotion… and with some tweaks made some lovely face oils… the range grew in this ‘organic’ way.

I have sensitive and reactive skin and have always been looking for gentle products that work for me and my family. I understand the benefits that plant-based ingredients can bring to the skin and I base my formulations to make the most of them.

Each ingredient is carefully chosen for a specific purpose – for nourishment, protection, soothing inflamed or damaged skin, or extra nutrients for dry or sore skin. I blend the products in small batches using a range of oils from seed kernels, fruit and nuts together with precious oils from plants such as papaya, evening primrose and camellia.

Skin is living tissue and will respond to its environment (weather, pollution, diet and stress). I am a believer in less is more when it comes to skincare, seeking and creating blends to harmonise, stabilise, and strengthen the skin whilst supporting it to carry out its important functions.

My ethos is to create gentle skincare products that are truly natural and don't irritate or harm the body or the environment.

I hope you enjoy them.