Veganuary - our skincare is vegan all year round

VEGANUARY - Vegan skincare

Many of you will be taking part in Veganuary this month. So just to confirm - we are vegan all year round. Why?

1. Vegan products are free from animal ingredients, processing aids used in manufacturing and have not been tested on animals. We don’t see any good reason why we would need to use animals in the manufacture of skin and body care products.

2. We demonstrate that we take this seriously by being registered with the Vegan Society where all our products are thoroughly checked by them and approved as vegan-friendly.

3. We believe that plant-based ingredients are best for human skin, and much more effective than synthetic ingredients. Our products are made only with plant extracts and oils. The ingredients that we choose are made for their therapeutic benefits. Plants provide powerful and effective ingredients that work in harmony with the skin’s function and microbiome. Unlike synthetic oils, the chemical composition of most plant oils is very similar to the oils in our skin and therefore are more readily absorbed and the benefits assimilated.

4. We are encouraged to eat a rainbow of foods, and that diversity of fruit and vegetable ingredients is key for good gut health. The same applies to skincare. For example, our facial oils contain upwards of ten pure plant oils to give a full spectrum of omegas, fatty acids and vitamins that support rather than disrupt the important functions of the skin.
Best wishesMarian
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