How to avoid ‘Maskne’ - skin breakouts and spots caused by mask wearing

Have you noticed that you are getting skin breakouts after wearing your face mask? If your skin is already prone to inflammation, you may be more likely to have pimples and spots after wearing a mask.

Spots are caused when the skin produces too much sebum which mixes with dead skin cells getting stuck in pores forming a plug in the skin follicle. This plug can bulge outwards, creating a whitehead or it can be open to the skin forming a blackhead. Bacteria living on the skin can react with the plugged follicles, causing a pustule.

The friction of the mask against the skin could cause extra inflammation or an increase in bacteria being held close to the skin and could cause irritation and congestion.

Here are some ideas to help prevent or reduce maskne!

1. Make sure your mask fits safely, but not too close a fit.

2. Keep your mask clean, have a few, and wash at a good temperature each day.

3. Choose a natural cotton, bamboo, or silk mask.

4. Double cleanse your face before bed using our Petitgrain and Everlasting Flower Cream Cleanser. We recommend using our organic muslin cloth or cotton flannel to gently exfoliate which helps remove bacteria and dead skin cells.

5. Using our best selling Skin Therapy Face Oil at night. Skin Therapy is carefully formulated with organic evening primrose, hemp, calendula, neroli and everlasting flower to calm, soothe and nourish dry, combination and sensitive skin.

6. If you need a bit of extra care, try our Radiance Face Balm. Our soothing, luxurious balm can be used as a cleanser, treatment mask, or leave on over-night for maximum nourishment.

Marian x